“Active Learning: Science Talk from Classroom to the Dinner Table”

The 2009 conference “Active Learning: Science Talk from Classroom to the Dinner Table” is for teachers who are motivated and interested in:

  • developing active learning strategies to enhance children’s learning in science
  • exploring the importance of providing contextual science experiences - science in a learner’s world
  • reflecting on current trends in science teaching and relating it to their own practice
  • taking part in practical workshops that explore the theme of the conference
  • identifying explicit links between teaching and learning in science education and the key competencies and values promoted in the New Zealand Curriculum (2007)

The programme of events in each of the four regional conferences will follow a similar format. The content of the workshops will vary depending on the interests of the local teachers available to lead workshops. It is intended to link the themes of the conference to the keynote speakers and the following workshops. Local presenters will be selected and organised into levels within the themes where possible

Click here to view the Programmes for each of the Regional Conferences

A feature of the programme is that we will have key note speakers at each regional conference as well as a number of New Zealand based speakers who will lead workshops on current issues facing New Zealand teachers at all four venues.

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