How relevant will the programme be to my work as a primary school teacher?

All workshops and keynote speakers have been selected because their presentations will cover messages that relate directly to recent developments in science education in New Zealand. In particular there will be close links to the material covered in the science exemplars and the ministry of education curriculum project in science.

Will the keynote speakers be able to relate to primary teachers in New Zealand?

All the keynote speakers have had considerable successful experience working as primary teacher and primary science educators. They are enthusiastic, passionate and well informed communicators

Can I register at any of the four conference venues?

Yes you can, but if you want to be eligible for travel costs from TRCC you need to register to attend the closest conference to where you reside.

How can I register online?

Please click the icon below to complete the registration process online.

Who do I send my money to?

Make the cheque out to TRCC and send to:-

Teachers' Refresher Course Committee Inc
PO Box 12381

If you have any further questions to clarify please feel free to contact Ian Milne via email

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